Striving for Excellence

Our Culture

We are Committed
Since 1995, we have remained focused on our mission to discover breakthrough treatments for human disease.  We routinely set ambitious, but achievable goals that require dedicated individuals working with a common vision.  We are now witnessing the fruits of our collective labor as we have multiple programs in human clinical trials

We are Collaborative
Lexicon has a collaborative and innovative work environment filled with passionate and talented individuals who are dedicated to the company’s mission.  Our work environment is interactive and highly professional.  Our discovery biologists work directly with our chemists through project working groups and other venues to advance our drug discovery and development programs.  On a regular basis, we meet as a company to enjoy a catered lunch and a presentation by one of our employees.  This keeps everyone up-to-date on recent discoveries and business developments, and often highlights the specific contributions of individual work groups across the company.

We are Diverse
Lexicon values a diverse workforce and proudly reflects a company culture developed with a variety of ethnic backgrounds, nationalities, races, and religions.  We are committed to promoting and maintaining an inclusive, high-performing culture where all team members embrace and leverage each others’ talents and backgrounds, nourish innovative thinking, achieve their full potential and contribute to Lexicon’s success.

We are Creative
We embrace individual and group creativity at Lexicon.  We recognize and reward individual and team contributions to innovations that result in significant, measurable improvements to Lexicon’s scientific, business or administrative processes.   

We Have Fun
We work hard but take time to celebrate our successes.  We celebrate recent scientific or business accomplishments with music, food, and beverages.  This gives everyone a chance to socialize with co-workers and meet new colleagues.