Working Together to Advance Medicine


To maximize the productivity of our platform technology, we have entered into several research and development alliances.  These successful discovery alliances have resulted in numerous targets being selected and advanced into ongoing drug discovery programs.

In October 2014, we established an exclusive licensing agreement with Ipsen to commercialize telotristat etiprate outside of North America and Japan, with a focus on the treatment of carcinoid syndrome. We retained sole rights to commercialize telotristat etiprate in the United States, Canada and Japan.  Under the financial terms of the agreement, we are eligible to receive up to $145 million, comprised of a $23 million upfront payment and additional payments contingent upon achievement of clinical, regulatory and commercial milestones. In addition, we are eligible to receive royalties on net sales of telotristat etiprate in the licensed territory.

Bristol-Myers Squibb Company.
  We established a drug discovery alliance with Bristol-Myers Squibb Company in December 2003 to discover, develop and commercialize small molecule drugs in the neuroscience field. Bristol-Myers Squibb extended the target discovery term of the alliance in May 2006. We initiated the alliance with a number of neuroscience drug discovery programs at various stages of development and used our gene knockout technologies to identify additional drug targets with promise in the neuroscience field. For those targets that were selected for the alliance, we and Bristol-Myers Squibb are working together, on an exclusive basis, to identify, characterize and carry out the preclinical development of small molecule drugs, and share equally both in the costs and in the work attributable to those efforts. As drugs resulting from the alliance enter clinical trials, Bristol-Myers Squibb will have the first option to assume full responsibility for clinical development and commercialization.

Genentech, Inc.
  We established a drug discovery alliance with Genentech, Inc. in December 2002 to discover novel therapeutic proteins and antibody targets. We and Genentech expanded the alliance in November 2005 for the advanced research, development and commercialization of new biotherapeutic drugs. Under the original alliance agreement, we used our target validation technologies to discover the functions of secreted proteins and potential antibody targets identified through Genentech’s internal drug discovery research. In the expanded alliance, we conducted additional, advanced research on a broad subset of those proteins and targets. We have exclusive rights to develop and commercialize biotherapeutic drugs for two of these targets, while Genentech has exclusive rights to develop and commercialize biotherapeutic drugs for the other targets. We retain certain other rights to discoveries made in the alliance, including non-exclusive rights, along with Genentech, for the development and commercialization of small molecule drugs addressing the targets included in the alliance.    

Schering-Plough/Organon.  We established a drug discovery alliance with N.V. Organon in May 2005 to discover, develop and commercialize novel biotherapeutic drugs. In the collaboration, we created and analyzed knockout mice for 300 genes selected by the parties that encode secreted proteins or potential antibody targets, including two of our preexisting drug discovery programs. We and Organon agreed to equally share costs of and responsibility for research, preclinical and clinical activities, jointly determine the manner in which collaboration products would be commercialized, and equally benefit from product revenue. Organon, formerly a subsidiary of Akzo Nobel N.V., was acquired by Schering-Plough Corporation in November 2007, which subsequently merged with Merck & Co., Inc. in November 2009. In February 2010, we entered into a revised collaboration and license agreement, amending the terms of the alliance to provide that Schering-Plough would assume the full cost of research activities conducted by either party in the alliance, and would assume the full cost of and responsibility for preclinical, clinical and commercialization activities with respect to biotherapeutic drugs resulting from the alliance. In accordance with the terms of the revised agreement, certain targets were released from the alliance, with both parties having rights to pursue such targets independent of the other party, and the remaining targets were subsequently released or exclusive rights granted to us.

Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Ltd.
  We established a drug discovery alliance with Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited in July 2004 to discover new drugs for the treatment of high blood pressure. In the collaboration, we used our gene knockout technologies to identify drug targets that control blood pressure. Takeda is responsible for the screening, medicinal chemistry, preclinical and clinical development and commercialization of drugs directed against targets selected for the alliance, and bears all related costs.