LX2761 is an orally-delivered small molecule compound that we are developing for the treatment of diabetes. LX2761 was internally generated by our scientists and is designed to inhibit SGLT1 locally in the gastrointestinal tract without any significant inhibition of SGLT2 in the kidney.  We are presently conducting Phase 1 clinical development of LX2761.

We have granted Sanofi certain rights of first negotiation with respect to the future development and commercialization of LX2761.


LX9211 is an orally-administered small molecule that we are developing for the treatment of neuropathic pain.    LX9211 was jointly developed by our Bristol-Myers Squibb’s scientists as part of our drug discovery alliance with Bristol-Myers Squibb and inhibits adaptor associated kinase 1, or AAK1, in the central nervous system.  Our scientists identified mice lacking AAK1 as having increased resistance to induced neuropathic pain in preclinical models.  We are presently conducting Phase 1 development of LX9211.

We have obtained exclusive research, development and commercialization rights to LX9211 and additional compounds acting through AAK1 from Bristol-Myers Squibb.